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Our Vision

The Department of Modern Languages & Cultural Studies plays an integral role in promoting multilingual proficiency and intercultural understanding to prepare students for life and work as professionals in a global environment and as citizens in a multicultural society.

The Department of Modern Languages & Cultural Studies is pleased to welcome Comparative Literature into the Department.  We welcome all the students and faculty in Comparative Literature to their new department and we look forward to working together to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.  Welcome, Comp Lit!!

Olympics give Faculty of Arts students a chance to stretch their skills

The 2014 Winter Olympics will give the world a glimpse into the culture, history and politics of Russia. For a group of students at the University of Alberta, it will also give them the opportunity to practice their reading and writing skills in Russian.
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Arts in 60 Seconds...

is a collection of 1 minute videos introducing Faculty of Arts researchers and their work. Click here to see some of the Faculty's award-winning researchers talk about their research and learn how the Arts makes a difference!

1 Minute Video by Dr Russell Cobb, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies on the artifice of authenticity in the digital age.
Published October 18, 2013